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Truck (Model 2019-21)

Sale Rate: $ 40000

– Trucks (Model 2019-21) are the best choice for work and play, with outstanding tow ratings, fuel efficiency and capability.
– They start from $24,882 and have a gas mileage of 15-22 city / 18-30 highway MPG.
– They measure 209-250 inches in length, 80-86 inches in width and 75-79 inches in height.

  • Trucks (Model 2019-21) are full-size pickup trucks that offer powerful performance, refined driving dynamics and smart technology.
  • They have a range of engine options, including hybrid, V6 and V8, to suit different needs and preferences.
  • They have features such as Pro Power Onboard, which provides electrical power for tools and appliances, and a tailgate work surface for convenience and productivity.
  • They have spacious and comfortable cabins, with seating for up to six people and various bed sizes to accommodate different cargo capacities.